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Hey there.
I'm Jada, freelance composer, audio engineer and content creator.

This is a collection of all my video and campaign content creation to date. Fields of interest represented are video production, editing and foley sound production.


"Old Redford" lyric video (2021)

"Old Redford" is a self-produced song of pride for my hometown Detroit, Michigan. I originally intended to shoot the official video in Detroit with a team of videographers, however, the COVID-19 pandemic made this an unrealistic task. Still wanting the song to have visual representation, I decided to fully produce, shoot and edit a lyric video on my own in my small home studio. This lyric video somewhat acts as an official video, having myself featured throughout as well as  various Detroit related videos and photos. One of the biggest aspects of this video is how the movement of all people in the prerecorded videos appear to be perfectly in sync with the song. 

This video was shot in 4K on an iPhone 11

Skills used: Music syncing - Video production and editing - Video design

Programs used: Adobe Premier

"Old Redford" single release promo (2021)

This projects consists of video, audio and photocreation for the promotion of my single "Old Redford" (2021). This promo consisted of a fictional Detroit based radio station, Sunnyside Y 88.8, which served as a way for fans to preview the song before its release. Supporters called, listened to the short preview and left a voicemail--often times more than once. 


All graphics and videos were shot and edited by me. Most videos were created in Adobe Premier while video with solely animated text were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Skills used: Foley - Music syncing - Music production - Audio engineering and editing

Programs used: Ableton Live - Logic Pro - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Premier

Soul Train foley and scoring project (2018)

This project was created as a final assignment for the class Music for Film at Spelman College. In this video, an episode of the legendary show Soul Train is almost fully overdubbed with self-made foley and music production.


00:00-00:10 - The crowd is seen dancing to "Pass the Peas" by The BJs. The whistle is blown cuing them to applause. The Soul Train logo then comes over the screen and I speak as an announcer, cuing the theme song.

All of this is foley and overdubbing

00:11-00:32 - Original audio from show is brought back in as Don Cornelious introduces two guests to play a game of Soul Train Scramble.

00:33-02:50 - My vocals can be heard stacked, singing in a scat style. This is the start of a self-produced and self-recorded remix of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition". In addition to my vocals, The BJs can also be heard again chanting "pass the peas like they used to say." The audience can be seen somewhat dancing and clapping to the beat of this audio.

All of this is music syncing and sampling

02:51-02:56 -  Whistle can be heard again cueing the dancers to applause. 

All of this is foley and overdubbing


Visual design and photo editing

Over the years, I've created many graphics for cover art, promotional advertisement and web design. All images pictured are self portraits with added effects and touch-ups. I've even designed my official site, which you are using now!

Photos shot on iPhone 11 and Canon DSLR

Skills used: Graphic design - Photo editing

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop- Adobe Lightroom - VSCO

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